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10 Fragen an… Wisal Al Rashdi

In Teil vier meiner Interview-Reihe stelle ich euch heute Wisal Al Rashdi vor, die im Oman als Tourguide arbeitet und damit zu den ersten Frauen gehört, die in diesem Bereich bereits eine Zertifizierung erhalten haben.

1.) Age, profession
My name is Wisal Al Rashdi, I am 28 years old and I am a certified General Cultural Guide. This means I can guide tourists in all areas in Oman and access to all forts, castles and cultural heritage sites.

2.) What’s your favorite Arabic word/quote or saying?
I don’t have one.

3.) Where do you live in Oman and what do you most like about that place/City?
I live in the capital city Muscat and I love how diverse it is! Muscat is a beautiful city that is mixed with so many cultures and is a great safe city to live in. 

4.) What’s your favorite restaurant in Oman and what do you usually order from there?
I don’t have one specific favorite it all depends on what I am in the mood for but nothing beats homemade food made by my mum! 

5.) What’s your favorite Wadi and why?
Probably Snake Canyon purely because that is where I went for my first adventure and I will never forget that!  There are so many beautiful wadis in Oman. 

6.) Where do you go if you want to relax?
My favorite staycations are usually beaches and resorts. If I relax it means I go all out so I wouldn’t usually camp and I would love a place with a spa too. 

7.) What do you like most about Oman?
I love the diverse culture and how every region is so different than the other. Our history in trade has contributed largely to that as well so I love having new experiences everywhere I go in Oman. Not to mention all the beautiful wadis, mountains, beaches and deserts! 

8.) If you had the power to change one thing in Oman, what would it be?
Contribute towards community development  with women and tourism. This is something we are already doing on a small scale but with proper funding and resources we would be able to achieve so much more. 

9.) Where do you see Oman in 10 years?
I see Oman within the top ten destinations to visit worldwide. I see it being more environmentally friendly and a lot more infrastructural planning being put into action within all kinds of fields. In terms of economic developments I am unsure of the exact effects it would have but I am certain that we will develop the right plans to tackle economical downturns in the current pandemic. 

10.) What do you want to tell people who are thinking about coming to Oman?
Oman is a beautiful country to visit and you will have a great time here! It is safe for families and female solo travelers can come and enjoy the country. There is so much to see so do your research before coming and plan your trip well to make use of your time here. Also, do some cultural research and find out what is and isn’t culturally acceptable as you would when visiting any other country. 

Mehr über Wisal findet ihr auf ihrem Instagram-Account.

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