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10 Fragen an… The Candy Cup

In Teil drei meiner Interview-Reihe möchte ich euch gerne “The Candy Cup” und die beiden Gründer Marco und Sylvia vorstellen.

Die beiden haben in 2017 ihr Projekt “The Candy Cup” gegründet und beglücken seither die Omanis mit leckeren, kreativen Süßspeisen zu Anlässen wie Geburtstagen, Hochzeiten und Jubiläen. Dabei bringen sie auch gerne Rezepte aus ihrer Heimat Ägypten ein wie z.B. Konafa Mango, Konafa Redvelvet und Konafa Tiramisu.

1) Age, profession, marital status, kids
Marco and Sylvia both are Engineers. We are 32 Years old, married couple since 2016, we were blessed with a baby boy ( Jason ) in Oct 2020.

Sylvia is passionate with desserts.
In late 2017 we decided to start our project (The Candy Cup), we have an innovative mix between eastern and western desserts.
In early 2018 we joined the winter weekly food market (Souq es Sabt) in Al Mouj. We remember these though days as we were working extensively on Friday to bake freshly our desserts to take to the market Saturday morning. It was an amazing enjoyable experience for us and we still love to “Bake Someone Happy”.

2) What brought you to Oman?
Marco was working in Qatar earlier and he was offered a job here in Muscat by early of 2016.

3) Where do you live in Oman and do you most like about that place and city?
We live in Madinat Sulatan Qabous, where we like this neighborhood as its cozy and quiet.

4) What’s your favorite restaurant in Oman and what do you usually order from there?
To be honest, we love the diversity of food here but we mostly make our food at home. However, we love KFC! for its amazing delicious fried chicken and spicy fries

5) What’s your favorite wadi and why?
Wadi Al Shab is the favorite for us. Its easy to reach, close to Muscat and moderate for its hike and access.

6) Where do you go If you want to relax?
We love the beach here! Its amazing, specially if we make it morning where we sit on the grass in front of the sea in Sarooj or Qurum area.

7) What’s your best experience in Oman?
The slow pacing life where we enjoy everything in our day.

8) What’s the biggest difference between Oman and your country?
Yeah, there is a huge difference between lifestyle in Oman and Egypt. Egypt is fast dynamic, busy and a challenging life.

9) Where do you see Oman in 10 years
We hope to see Oman getting better and better in all aspects especially the tourism sector.

10) What do you want to tell people who are thinking about coming to Oman?
All I would say is that if you have the chance to visit Oman don’t lose it as I promise that you shall enjoy peaceful days here.

Wenn Ihr Appetit bekommen habt, besucht doch mal die Websites der beiden, für leckere Rezepte und tolle Inspirationen:

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