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10 Fragen an… Talal Albalushi.

In Teil fünf meiner Interview-Serie möchte ich euch heute Talal vorstellen. Einen begeisterten Motorradfahrer aus dem Oman, der gerade ein Start-Up im Bereich Motorrad-Tourismus aufbaut.

1.) Age, profession
I am Talal from oman, I am a Snr. Relationship Manager “Ooredoo”And as a side project we are starting up an Adventure Motorbike Tours where we take you to most beautiful hidden jewels of Oman.

2.) What’s your favorite Arabic word/quote or saying?
Asalam Alikum “peace be up on you”.

3.) Where do you live in Oman and what do you most like about that place/City?
I grew up in Fanja and live in Muscat, I love both places Muscat and of course Fanja as well.

4.) What’s your favorite restaurant in Oman and what do you usually order from there?
Tough question however I like mixed grills from good Turkish Resturant and Yamani bread and of course my homemade Omani dishes.

5.) What’s your favorite Wadi and why?
I love Wadi Bani Auf which has a lot to offer from mountain, wadies and beautiful old Omani villages in the area .

6.) Where do you go if you want to relax?
I go to Mountains,  Wadies or chill at the beach.

7.) What do you like most about Oman?
I love the landscapes, people and Laid-back lifestyle.

8.) If you had the power to change one thing in Oman, what would it be
To pay a great attention to the old ruins by restoring them back to the original form as attraction spots for tourism, build some nice bicycle trails which covers north to south of oman and build some eco friendly homes all over rural areas for eco tourism!!

9.) Where do you see Oman in 10 years?
I hope it doesn’t turn into a big modern Hightech Concrete jungle.

10.) What do you want to tell people who are thinking about coming to Oman?
They will fall in love with the country and hopefully with the people as well.

Mehr Infos und tolle Bilder findet ihr hier bei Instagram.

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