10 Fragen an… Hamida.

Ich freue mich, Euch in Teil zwei meiner Interview Reihe Oman eine junge Omani vorzustellen: Hamida ist 21 Jahre alt und studiert aktuell in den Niederlanden. Was sie euch empfiehlt und zu ihrem Heimatland zu sagen hat, lest ihr hier.

1.) Age, profession, marital status, kids?

21 years old, Industrial Engineering & Management Student.

2.) What’s your favorite Arabic word/quote or saying?

“Indeed with every difficulty comes ease.”

3.) You are based in Eindhoven to study industrial engineering & management. What made you pick the Netherlands?

I have a scholar from the Higher Ministry of Education to study abroad in the Netherlands, I chose the Netherlands because it’s one of the most fully grown countries in the world especially in technologies and economics beside that it has a very beautiful nature.

4.) What’s your hometown in Oman and what do you most like about that place/City?

Al-Seeb specifically in AL Mawaleh south I love it because I feel it’s the connection between the capital city and the rest of the towns in Oman. Everything is close to me the county side and the city.

5.) What’s your favorite restaurant in Oman and what do you usually order from there?

Reveal Cafe in Al-Khawer I love their mountain fries as a starter and the baked penne as a main dish.

6.) Where do you go if you want to relax?

I would go to the beach Bander Khayran as the sunset there is astonishing.

7.) What do you like most about Oman?

It’ stunning winter weather(warm weather) It’s not actually real winter but I love it.

8.) How would you describe the role of women in Omani society?

Omani women nowadays are taking a huge role in different fields business, fashion, and many more professions, she’s contributing more towards Oman’s societal change.

9.) Where do you see Oman in 10 years?

Global innovate society and huge exporter of sustainable environmental resources.

10.) What do you want to tell people who are thinking about coming to Oman?

Oman is the hidden jewel of the Middle East, I would recommend you visiting between November until end of February to enjoy doing some activities like hiking in nature and when the weather is not too warm.

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