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10 Fragen an… Sufyan.

Um euch den Oman und seine Bewohner ein bisschen näher vorzustellen, startet heute meine neue Interview-Reihe aus dem Oman: “10 Fragen an…” Für mein erstes Interview konnte ich mir natürlich niemand besseren vorstellen, als meinen besten Freund Sufyan, der mir in den letzten Jahren sehr ans Herz gewachsen ist und dem ich unendlich viel zu verdanken habe. Los geht’s!

1.) Age, marital status, kids?

37 years. Married. 2 children

2.) What’s your favorite Arabic word/quote or saying?

السلام Peace

3.) Where do you live in Oman and what do you most like about that place/City?

Adam, in the middle of Oman. What I like most is my background and the friendships I made there since my birth. As well i like the tranquility of the place, the wide desert, green plains, and the heritage houses with a wonderful architectural character.

4.) What’s your favorite restaurant in Oman and what do you usually order from there?

To be honest, I cant think of any right now. Any restaurant has got nice food and traditional atmosphere.

5.) What’s your favorite Wadi and why?

Wadi Shab, because of its width which gives me the opportunity to walk and enjoy the spectacular view of the landscape.

6.) Where do you go if you want to relax?

Two places: Sea side or desert. Bediah would be the first choice. Masirah island , Khasab, or Fins will be second.

7.) What do you like most about Oman?

The peole, geographical and cultural diversity.

8.) If you had the power to change one thing in Oman, what would it be?

To keep every thing as it is, to invest more in domestic and foreign tourism.

9.) Where do you see Oman in 10 years?

Oman will invest more in the tourism industry and this will create new opportunities for youth to get jobs.

10.) What do you want to tell people who are thinking about coming to Oman?

Don’t miss this! Oman is the right place for every person who wants to sence the beauty and heritage. Oman has got a variety of choices which meet all tourists ambitious. Oman is distinguished by all standards.

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