What speaks for driving yourself:

  • The road network in Oman is well developed. All larger towns are best reached by paved roads.
  • Driving yourself promises total flexibility.
  • Adventure slope! If you are a good driver you don’t want to miss the experience of driving on your own because of the great slopes! It is so much fun!
  • The cost factor speaks for exploring Oman as a self-driver. Although the rental cars are not quite cheap – especially if you opt for a four-wheel drive vehicle – it is definitely cheaper than traveling with a guide.

What speaks against driving yourself:

  • The Omanis maintain a rather fast driving style. You have to adapt a bit to avoid getting lost in city traffic and always be on the move with your eyes open.
  • The signage (especially to the less developed areas) is often confusing or nonexistent. If you are unfamiliar with the area, you will often not reach your destination
  • Many exciting destinations can only be reached via slopes – off-road. Those who are completely inexperienced can easily endanger themselves.

Personally, I can only recommend to explore Oman as a self-driver. Rental cars can be booked in advance and picked up at the airport.