Oman with Children

Oman with children – is that possible? Definitely!

Romp through warm desert sand and ride on the back of camels, explore fascinating cities and try delicious Omani food, get to know foreign cultures and people, you can experience all this and much more as a family in Oman.

Child-friendliness & safety

When traveling with children, the question of safety is particularly important. Oman is an extremely safe travel destination and, according to the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2019, even among the top 3 safest travel destinations worldwide. The report examined aspects such as the crime rate, violence in everyday life, but also the risk of terrorist attacks. In all of these categories, Oman scores top marks. The family is very important in Oman. Children are not only welcome everywhere, but wanted. Hospitality is very important in Oman. Most Omanis have children of their own and are happy to see the little explorers. The hotels in Oman are very family-friendly and mostly have extra leisure and care facilities for children. Since Oman is still a rather unknown travel destination, you can enjoy your family vacation to the fullest away from the tourist crowds.

TOP 10 for Kids

If you travel to Oman with children, there are many exciting activities to do. You can find a small selection here:

  • Ride camels in the Wahiba Desert
  • Watch dolphins off the coast of Muscat
  • Snorkel off the Daymaniat Islands and experience the colorful underwater world
  • Watch the turtles on a night hike in Ras Al Jinz
  • Hike through the breathtaking wadis
  • Discover the colorful souq of Mutrah and buy some nice souvenirs
  • Eat on the floor and with your hands in a traditional Omani restaurant
  • Climb the 3000m high Jebel Shams mountain and hike on the Balcony Walk
  • Jet through the dunes of the Wahiba Desert in an off-road vehicle
  • Dress up in traditional Omani clothing.