Wadi Tiwi

If you visit the Wadi Shab, you should definitely plan a little extra time, in order to make a side trip to the (maybe even more beautiful) Wadi Tiwi.

The wadi is just a few miles beyond the entrance to Wadi Shab. It is reached at the exit of the small village of Tiwi. Here the wadi flows into the sea. Large pools, a variety of birds and lush vegetation await visitors. With a four-wheel drive vehicle it is possible to drive many kilometers into the wadi. The paved road ends after passing through the small town of Harat Bidah. For inexperienced off-road drivers, the route is not recommended. Those who are not afraid of unpaved serpentines should definitely dare to continue. The further you go up the mountains, the more magnificent are the views down into the wadi. Very hidden, in the third collection of houses on the way to the mountains, it is worth to park the car and walk through the palm gardens along the Falaj. After about 15 minutes you reach a fantastic viewpoint with waterfalls. For me one of the most beautiful wadis Oman has to offer. Again, it is advisable to avoid the weekend for a stay.