Wadi Shab

Wadi Shab is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and famous wadis in Oman. Situated on the coastal road between Muscat and Sur, it is one of THE attractions for nature enthusiasts. The journey from Muscat takes about 2 hours. The road signs are good for Omani conditions and you will not have difficulties to get to the starting point.  At the entrance to the wadi you will find a huge parking lot, which is usually well-filled. It is advisable to arrive early, since the Wadi is still relatively empty and the temperatures are within acceptable limits. The Wadi is not developed, make sure to use the toilet before you start your excursion. Since you can not buy snacks or drinks on the way, it is also advisable to fill up your packpack before the start. From the parking lot you take a small motorboat to the other side of the pool (cost around 500 Baiza). From there you can start your hike.

With its turquoise waters, giant rock formations and beautiful vegetation, Wadi Shab is a perfect destination for those who like to walk. There is a hiking trail through the Wadi, which is badly signposted. Sometimes its quite difficult to discover the rock cut steps or you hike over slippery stones close to the brink. Good shoes and extreme caution are  good companions here.

Since the wadi runs through a canyon, you can easily find shadow spots for a short break. Depending on your tempo, the walk into the wadi takes about 1.5 hours. The last large water pool opens up in a small cave, in which water falls from the ceiling. To get there, you have to swim through a very narrow crevice. Depending on the water level you may even need to dive.