Muscat is the biggest and most significant city in Oman. Nowadays, more than a million
people live in Muscat, which approximates roughly a third of the entire Omani population.
The so- called Capital Area is vast and covers more than 50 kilometers of ground. Like no
other Arabian capital, Muscat manages to find a perfect balance and ʻthe oldʻ and ʻthe newʻ
coexist in perfect harmony. You will find state of the art shopping malls and highways on
the one hand, and on the other you will be able to see castles, ruins and forts. Comparing
Muscat to the surrounding capitals, places like Dubai or Abu Dhabi seem rather dull and
The Capital Area is ample, kempt and clean. It offers excellent infrastructure and the
pompous mosques and modern architecture will definitely buy you over. People looking for
a place to relax after having explored the vibrant city there are well-groomed parks and
seemingly endless beaches.