Travel information

* Current information on Corona * – Oman has a relatively high number of Corona cases. The government reacts with strict hygiene rules, non-compliance is severely punished. It is mandatory to wear a mask everywhere – including in public spaces. Distance rules must always be observed. The opening of the international airports is planned for October 1st, 2020. Please note the instructions from the Federal Foreign Office!

  • passport that is valid for at least another six months.
  • A visa is indispensable and can be acquired on arrival at the airport. The visa costs 20
    OMR and facilitates a stay of up to 30 days. However, you should refrain from changing
    your currency at the airport. The exchange rate is unfavorable. Hence my advice to
    exchange the amount needed for the visa beforehand. You can exchange the rest of your
    cash in Oman, though. Outside of the airport the exchange rate is significantly more
  • The currency is called Omani Rial (OR, OMR, RO).
  • Vaccinations are not required. Oman provides outstanding health care and medical
  • If you are planning on seeing a lot of Oman, renting a car is imperative. It is a vast
    country and the public transportation system is not yet fully developed. I would
    recommend a 4×4 vehicle, because many of the most exciting and enthralling places can
    be seen off the beaten path.
  • Oman is an exceptionally safe travel destination. Even though some people might
    assume differently regarding the region, tourists can move about freely. Men as well as
    women can explore the country in groups or alone without having to feel apprehensive.
    Burglaries, thefts or felonies very rarely occur. Feel free to check the website of the
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs for further information.
  • The weather in Oman is aestival throughout the entire year. Visitors from the western
    region come upon the most pleasant climate between October and March. In summer it
    sometimes gets paralyzingly hot, disrupting every plan of exploring or outdoor activites.
  • Oman is a tolerant country of open-minded people. Tourists are welcome and the people
    of Oman are very courteos and helpful. I would therefore like to remind you to try your
    best respecting the Omani culture and customs. Men and women should cover their
    shoulders and knees.